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Robins style by byday_bynight.
The style guru has does some personal shopping for the band and come up with these outfits.
Jason (Scroll down for Steph’s second outfit)

Dressed in Robins style by misszilla.
sketches based on byday_bynight’s selections.

Tattoo design ideas by ladyblkrose.
Follow up to her story Permanence.

Sing with me by colours07.
Drawing of Dick rocking out. G.

The value of proofreading by jokers_daughter.
"And why does Tim want to sex his base?" Jason, Steph & crack Dick/Tim, NC-17.


Dispatch I lyrics and .wav file performance by the_protagonist.
A song written and performed by Sam.

When I Fly by LadyBlkRose.
Lyrics written to be performed by Dick.

Well I Saw My Devil by strawberispring.
Dick decides to give them the day off when the band stops in California. The band, PG.

Frustration by la_petirrojo.
Damian cannot play his oud and someone is to blame. Damian, Steph, Dick & Damian, Tim & Steph implied, PG.

Grey Angels Concert by shinigrace.
Promo poster for the Grey Angels Concert at the Batsignal Youth Camp. Follow up to The Last Ray of Light. The band, G.

Permanence by Ladyblkrose.
The band decides on symbols of unity. The band, G.


Bio Pic: Tim by jbadgr.
Pic for the bio page of the website. Tim, G.

Bio Pic: Dick by jbadgr.
Pic for the bio page of the website. Dick, G.

Bio Pic: Damian by jbadgr.
Pic for the bio page of the website. Damian, G.

The last ray of light by Munnin.
A Gotham expat writes of the Exodus and the last days of Gotham. Bernard Dowd. Tim, PG.

Three Doodles and a Drabble by _sephet_.
Some sketched of the band playing around and a short fic of Tim and Steph playing tag. The band, PG.

The Robin's Sound? A discussion hosted by JBadgr.
What do the Robins sound like? A discussion and collections of videos.

Sweet Dreams, Little D by byday_bynight.
Damian needs to escape his nightmares and finds help in a surprising place. Jason, Damian, PG.

Searching by Faile-neume.
Set during the Exodus, while Dick, Jay and Tim search for their lost brother, Steph has a search of her own. Steph/Cass, NC-17.

Marking Time by Munnin.
The band deal with a delay at a gig. The band, PG.

Dick and Tim in a magazine by alexiel_neesan.
Dick and Tim caught in a candid moment. Dick, Tim, PG.


Song lyrics for the Robins by la_petirrojo.
Face you about Dick’s darkest time with Bruce.
Zur in Arrh about Bruce’s ‘death’ in the current series (pre AU.)
From one to five about the Robins themselves.
Bat about Gotham’s defender.

Yellow, green and redby Munnin.
The Robins jam out the song Face You (lyrics by la_petirrojo). The Band, PG.

Backup by Iambickilometer.
An alternative back story of Bruce’s death and the destruction of Gotham. The Robins, Roy, Bruce, Alfred, PG.

Add it up by byday_bynight.
The band play a cover of the Violent Femmes song “Add It Up” at their gig. Dick/Tim, PG-13.

Fanmail by Darthbatgirl.
Tim gets creepy fan-mail from an old acquaintance. References Price Paid. Tim, PG.

The Robins by _sephet_.
The Band fooling around while being photographed. Leave a comment for the artist here.

I’m with the band by jokers_daughter.
Dick surprises Roy backstage at one of their gigs. A sequel to Track 13. Untitled. Dick/Roy, Roy/Dick/Jason (implied), NC-17.

Bio Pic: Steph by jbadgr.
Pic for the bio page of the website. Steph, G.



One More Night on the Road by byday_bynight.
On the hazards of touring and what it does to the Robins. Dick/Jay, Damian, the band, PG-13.

Track 13. Untitled by jokers_daughter.
Roy drops by. Sex happens. Drums are involved. Roy/Jay, NC-17.

Bio Pic: Jay by jbadgr.
Pic for the bio page of the website. Jay, G.

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